First strategy. Then creative.
As your advertising agent, GroupNordin will help you articulate your goals. We'll apply our experience in advocacy and politics and craft a smart communications strategy. This is essential—since strategy is the foundation of any creative execution. Once we're all in agreement, your unique identity will naturally flow. You see, we'll apply the proven principles of corporate branding to your organization. So you can compete for recognition, on and off the Hill. We're skilled at targeting specific messages to Congress and the administration. We're not afraid to address the competition head-on, to delineate our position. Are you?

Creative Services
Once we have a bullet-proof strategy, we'll craft the message with eloquent words and powerful images. GroupNordin will strike a delicate balance between what you need to say... and what your audience wants to hear.
     Print Advertising - The power of the written word. We'll make sure they notice.
     TV & Radio - We'll negotiate a cost-effective price and get you on the air fast.
     Direct Mail - We'll help you reach multiple audiences through various formats.
     Online Media - Your campaign will get noticed with a blend of creativity and science.
Media Buying
We'll plan a creative mix of media to reach the most influential people on your issue. From the Media to the Hill, our placement will provide an effective solution today, while also building your reputation for tomorrow.
     Planning - Tap our 10+ years of experience in print media.
     Buying - Our media connection means a better rate for you.
     Analysis - We'll make sure you're getting a competitive cost-per-point.
     Return On Investment - We can ensure results with follow-up opinion polls and phone surveys.